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Usability and ease of use of any application is very important for user take up and adoptablity of any new appliction, I strive to get the best designs in and rely on experts to guide me and take charge. Quince is a great learning resource for any UX  expert or novice. Infragistics have come up with a UX explorer application using Sliver Light – it covers most comman patterns in a easy to use visual reference guide.

Check it out at:


I am pleased to announce the launch of the new Stargate Global Consulting web site that adds to the growing list quality MOSS WCM based Websites. The web site has been developed by the SharePoint practice within SGC in the last month or so. I encourage you have a play and provide feedback. The search page offers live search and the contact us page offers virtual earth maps among another interesting features.

Stargate Global Consulting Web Site

Office System – Service Pack Blog

For all the news around the Office System (clients and servers) service packs visit:

Just saw this video interview with Juval Lowy, I had the pleasure of attending his Architects Master Class last year. In this video he talks about an emerging paradigm ‘Energy Net’ as he sees it. He’s comparing this to the 1992 when Internet was yet to become a reality. Energy Net as it’s being coined is all about alternate sources of energy, multiple producers, consumers and intelligent appliances.

Apparently a lot of investment from VC’s is taking place in this area and Silicon Valley is spearheading the cause with a large number of start ups, most big internet companies and many ex dotcom boom CEOs are already leading the charge.

What’s relevant for most software developers is to learn the tool set for the future, cloud computing, mobile devices and understanding of multiple disciplines outside the software engineering realms is what will help them be the first in riding this new wave.


If you’re looking for the best high-end training in Microsoft technologies – specially SharePoint, then Microsoft Certified Masters program is where you want to be.

The program’s website has always been a great source of information, but this morning there’s another source for you.  A blog for the program that has been kicked off by the program director, Per Farny.

Keep an eye on this resource for breaking news about these incredible, intense training programs.  I am privileged to be attending the first pubic rotation for the SharePoint MCM in March.