Each year I draw up a set of personal and professional goals for myself, in last few years I have shared them only with friends and family (with a moderate success rate I must add :-), this year I am putting them on my blog for added pressure and motivation.

So here it goes, NYRs for 09

  1. Get into shape,  tone up and shed around 20 KGs 
  2. Progress on with my Golf and Swimming Skills
  3. Get my skills validaed and become a Microsoft Certified Master in SharePoint
  4. Write in full or contribute to a SharePoint 14 Book with a different take than any other SharePoint book out there
  5. Broaden my skill set cover other MS Office Servers like Office Communication Server, Project Server, Performance Point, MS CRM and BizTalk at least from an integration with SharePoint perspective.

Also as it’s almost a month in to the New Year, it’s probably a good idea to keep track of the progress on this very blog.

Learn a new language, looking at Arabic (which I can sadly read 100% based on symbol recognition but can’t comprehend or understand the sementics)

1.     Lost about 11 KGs already, whohooo got a personal trainer and as you can tell she kicks ass.

2.      Have been playing Golf or driving a bucket load at least once a day every week, not so much head way into swimming yet – went twice only.

3.     Glad to report that I have been accepted into the Program for the very first public rotation for SP MCMP in March. Quite excited! Stay tuned, a lot more blog posts coming up around this area.

4.     Discussed Ideas for a Office 14 within my team at SGC but nothing tangible as yet, waiting for the Office 14 beta bits to show up in April 09. Have only heard rumours about the new features.

5.   Started looking into Office Communication Server including the API and Project Server. Other products to follow.

6.   Started with lesson 1 on a Arabic for Dummies book – really no progress made other then the fact Sofa and a bunch of other words are derived from Arabic.