An ‘end user’ is someone who uses SharePoint but is not involved in supporting or buying SharesPoint for a business. In our industry as far as I know we call individuals who support or buy SharePoint Products and Technologies for businesses IT Administrators (IT Admins), Business Decision Makers (BDMs), or Technical Decision Makers (TDMs).

As you might guess, stake holders in any enterprise other then end users will usually have a corporate view rather then an invdivisual prespective, they tend to have different requirements then to the end users. This might be obvious but realizing and aligning these difference is the key to any successfull SharePoint (SharePoint Solution) roll out. After all it’s the end users who will adopt the new system\change.

So who is a End User? In an ideal world with all things being equal the end users don’t want to care and shouldn’t have to care. They simply want to get their work done. What is there work? What’s the typical day in an Information Workers life? I will cover user focused roll outs in my next post.