My humble response after coming across two posts less then a week apart by two demanding SharePoint users. Please read the posts for context.

1. A Matter of Degree:

2. More recently from Jag, one of my Colleagues at UW:

The reason Microsoft does not have a better usability story for site deletions is because there is really nothing else to show, except in a better way force the browser window to close.  Here’s why, let’s take two simple Scenarios:

          User deletes the root site in the site collection  – in this case SharePoint wont know where to redirect you as there might be no other site collections.

          User deletes a sub site – in this case Sharepoint can’t be sure if you have access to the root site.

As an admin user I expect to be redirected to the root ‘Sites Settings’ page or the ‘Sites and Workspaces’ page on the root site.

So how to achieve this you ask? It will be nice if one of the three things happened:

1.       In case of deleting a Site Collection… the user is shown a JavaScript prompt giving  the user a choice that the browser will now be closed by pressing OK or remain open by pressing CANCEL.

2.       In case of a sub site in the site collection the user is shown a being forwarded to the root site message on the page as text and redirected in a few seconds, this can also be shown as a prompt.

3.       The delete web page got really smart and checked to see what site sort of site the user is deleting and redirect to the ‘Sites and Workspaces’ page of a site one level up – only in case if the user has access, other wise close the browser.

To learn how the delete site page can be modified to support one of the three approaches, ask me how.