I am in the process of downloading a copy for myself and it makes me wonder how quicky MS is with 3.5 – should it actually have been 3.0?

I have heard among Orcas’ high points are: LINQ integrated query building using either C# or Visual Basic for objects, databases and XML data; improved unit and load test capabilities; AJAX-style Web client design; Jscript IntelliSense support; full integration of Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) with Visual Studio; and support for deployment of runtimes to multiple versions of the .NET Framework.

This release will also feature the ADO.NET Entity Framwork  which will allow us to program against relational data as entities and for Office Developers VBA-VSTO integration takes a step forward as developers are now able to access VSTO add-ins from VBA application code.

 What’s not clear and I am hoping will be after my test runs – any new support for Windows Workflow Foundation….