Some weird SharePoint Gotcha’s I have come across in the last few hours, I will update the post with workarounds as I discover them.

  • Check-In \Check-Out work fine on Document Library Pages but fail with an “Unknown Error” exception when actioned in a Document Library View (Web Part) out side the library pages.
  • People and Group type Fields can bet set to allow people from only a certain SharePoint Group (in Forms) but in the Data Sheet view the same field will allow the selection from all users and groups in the portal.
  • No build in way (I have come across) to show breadcrumbs on the welcome page of the site. Breadcrumbs would display on all other pages and can be controlled.
  • Sometimes Site Templates would not show up on site creation pages although they are sitting nicely in the Site Templates Library – I believe this has to do with something in stp defination ‘CAML’ referring to elements that are now missing from the site collection i.e. site column, content type….